25 May 2010

I'm in the newspaper again! :-D

I have been blessed with amazing opportunities this year. I've mentioned the Ellen Show and then also a photo in the OC Register from the Haiti Relief effort. On Monday, the OC Register ran a story on pregnant moms getting their bellies decorated to celebrate the upcoming births of their babies. My interview and photos along with Monica's hennaed tummy were heavily feature. SO EXCITING!!!!

Here's the article: "Belly Painting Popular for Pregnant Moms

Andy Templeton was the talented photographer, who took some great pics of me doing henna on Monica. I'd love to link the main image, but I think I have to get permission from the OC Register first. Courtney Perkes, the writer, did a great job on the article. She's awesome!

Thanks, Christy at Belly Sprout for making the initial connections possible. You rock!!!