24 January 2011

Update on my World...Yep, it's January

Whoah, it has been BUSY. A good busy, but busy nonetheless. First things first, I should mention that those tests came out pretty great. Turns out that the residual Thyroid cells have shrunk down a few mm. There doesn't appear to be any cancer cells...even cooler news! I do, however, have to still deal w/ an MRI next month. Since that ultrasound showed that I had enlarged Lymph Nodes, the doc wants to be sure it's nothing to worry about.

Henna has already been booking well. While Dec-Feb are dead months for me...usually for any Henna Artist...I've been getting quite a few gigs. YAY!!! :-D I'm throwing it out there to the universe that the momentum keeps up. I love my business...and I really dig my clients.

Since it's January, I've gone ahead and re-organized a few things in my studio. I now have a chest of drawers in there that used to be in the kids' room. We've remodeled their space and done something a little different w/ their furniture so they don't need them anymore. It's worked out great, and has created a bit more space in there. I'm loving it! I actually feel like its cozier in there, AND not so cluttered. Check it out:

So, let's see...Oh...last week, I did a networking event for a book promotion for Lynn Zavaro's "The Game of You" at the Big Red Sun. The Bungalow PR group invited me to do this event. I had a great time meeting new people and doing henna along w/ my friend Paula.

I've got more events like that coming up this year. Check out my page for more details and "Like" me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Henna-Body-Art-and-Soulmate-Fantasy-Paintings-by-Lernie/192733303069.