13 March 2011

Pysanky 2011

Yay! I'm making Pysanky eggs again. I got another urge to jump back into 'painting' these. I love the intricacy of these traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs. So, I've got my dyes mixed and ready to go from Yevshan. All my supplies are set up and laid out.

I've realized as I do these, that the 'hobbies' and art work that I love doing best are a melange from other cultures. I mean, think about it, I'm a Henna Artist (traditionally an art form from India, Morrocco, etc.)...I paint these Pysanky (mostly known from the Ukraine, but I believe I've read some areas of Poland do these, too)...some of my favorite lacework to knit is from Estonia. Oh, and then I LOVE Russian Nesting Dolls or Matryoshka (those may be my next thing to try to paint). I'm like a 'world artist'. hehe

So, this is what I've come up with so far, with the help of my collection of Pysanky design books.

Kiana has gotten into this, too. She's created a few designs of her own that she may be using in her Senior show this year. I'm trying a new design that I've created, myself. It's for a friend's birthday present. We'll see if it works out. ;-)

So, enjoy the slideshow. I will more than likely be posting more as I go along.