03 November 2010

RAI Uptake day...Should be under heading of PURE FRUSTRATION

I know. I dropped off w/ the menus I was doing for the low iodine diet. Honestly, the things I ate were all the same almost every day. The only difference was dinner. To date, I've lost about 5-6 lbs on the diet, which is cool, but still a PITA since it's so restrictive.

My pure frustration of the day: Damn Labs leading up to RAI uptake...oh, and my doctor who told me to do one of the labs on the wrong day.

I got my kids up early this morning (5am) so that we could get my labs done early. This was to get my kids to school on time and then get to my RAI uptake on time. The labs included a TSH blood draw and a urine (TMI) pregnancy test. People, I know this is a precaution, but seriously, I know there's no way it would test positive.

Anyways, that's what's holding up my uptake. The damn pregnancy test. Ladies, if you have to do uptake, be sure you doctor orders the test for the DAY BEFORE your RAI Uptake. This is royally screwing everything up. Quest told me the results would not be ready til TOMORROW MORNING! WTF???? So, I go in to Nuclear Med. The tech, who is wonderful and trying to help me out, tried another urine test so that we could get on with it. Unfortunately, the test showed up positive/ negative.

What this means for me? Yeah, I had to run up to the lab IN the hospital this time, for a blood draw (ick). I just found out around 10:30am, that those results will not be in until 12:30-1pm!!!! In the meantime, I can't eat ANYTHING until I can take the RAI capsule. So now, I'm tired, super hungry (haven't eaten since 6pm last night) and also a bit queasy from the Thyrogen shot of the last 2 days.


I'll update later...hopefully w/ the news that I have finally taken the RAI.