29 January 2007

It's the New Year and my very FIRST post here

Well check me out. I've succumbed to the blogger-fever. I thought I'd try something a little new this year for posting thoughts that run rampant through my wee-brain. This has got to be a lot easier than the way I was doing it on my website (you know, messing w/ codes and all that junk).

So this year, we're hoping you don't have to hear way too much about me and my Thyroid Issues (for more on that, click on those links to the side for past 'issues'...haha...my husband lovingly says I don't just have 'issues', I have a WHOLE subscription.) Currently they've kind of got me levelled out w/ my thyroid meds so I'm not getting quite as many killer headaches and the mood swings are few and far between. My endocrynologist was talking about giving me one of those crappy RAI-123 tests again later on in the year. I know I HAVE to do that, but I HATE to do that because they take me off my meds and then my hormones and body just go haywire. That's a whole other Oprah. Let's not go there just now.

Painting-wise, I've been in a fugue. Don't know what that's all about. I've got some new ideas that are slowly taking shape. They're all up here (as I tap my head), I just have to do more than sketch them out. The execution of the ideas is what needs to happen. I want to try something more 3D. When that happens, I promise I'll post about it. For now, though, I've entered a couple of juried shows and am just waiting to hear from.

Oh yeah, I know it's only Monday, but I'm SO looking forward to this weekend coming up. It's our 17th Anniversary!!! Yeah! It doesn't seem like we've been married that long until we realize the number. I'm lucky to have Chris...ok,I've got goofy-grin syndrome...this means I'm going to get sappy if I don't stop myself. So I will. hehe

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