26 January 2009

Whew! FINALLY, I did it!

Yes, boys and girls, yours truly has FINALLY updated her website. Please feel free to look around.

Here's a list of what I've updated:
*Events Page...I've got a solo show at Alta Coffee Co. throughout February
*Henna Page...I re-vamped and organized. It needed to be done really, really bad. Awesome thing is that I figured out how to embed my flicker slideshow.
*Soulmate Fantasy Paintings...I separated body of works. I had to start a new section for 2008 to present ;-)
*AND A new Henna Bio...I know there are potential clients who wonder how long I've been in the business. Can you believe it's been 10 YEARS???? WOW!

That's the big news. There ya go. Have fun looking :-)

Oh yeah! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It's the Year of the Ox :-)

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