07 March 2009

Happy Birthday to ME :-)

First I have to say, THANKS EVERYONE for all the birthday wishes. I did have a wonderful birthday. :D

Chris is the bestest ever! He took us out for an early bday dinner at Cheesecake Factory...he even 'made' me buy a slice of the "30th Anniversary Chocolate Cheesecake" to take home. Man that place has HUGE portions. I could only finish half my meal. We ended up sharing that slice of cheesecake the next day, but mmmm...so delish!

Anyways, he took my actual birthday off from work so that I could sleep in. Do you know, that boy got up at 5am, baked me a birthday cake, frosted it, made the kids breakfast, packed their lunches and then took them to school? When he got home, he even made me breakfast! We were gonna go for a hike on the jetty for the picnic lunch we couldn't do on our anniversary, but alas, the weather was rainy. Instead we went out for clam chowder. :)

This is the cake. I wanted German chocolate w/ the coconut frosting. he made it half that and half milk chocolate. Yeah, I know, one side looks like its barfing. We think it was just the kind of frosting he bought cuz the other side was fine. hehehe

Oh and did I mention? Our lease is up in a couple of months for my jeep. It just so happens that between dealer incentives and sales (and the fact that we have a friend that works at dealership...hehe) he paid off our lease early and BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!! YahooBear is so cute...he wanted to make it so that we could call it my 'birthday car'. He asked me what I wanted to name it, and we both said "WESTLEY!" at the same time. We are big "Princess Bride" fans here. When it came time to open my real present, he kept joking that it would go perfectly with my car. He said he didn't mean it to be that way since he bought it well before we thought of buying this car. Y'all, it was a Dread Pirate Roberts action figure! :lol

The family car (because I hate calling it 'just mine') is a Chevy Traverse, which is a SUV Crossover. It's got loads of room, and gets amazing mileage. I just have to get used to driving a slightly bigger car than my Jeep was. ;)

Yes, overall, a wonderful birthday...it would have been even w/o the Traverse. I love that guy ☺♥☺

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grits said...

I envy yalls marriage!!!

Happy late b-day to you, my dear friend. You are so very special, it's no wonder your man treats you like a Queen!

Congrats on all the cool pressies!!