25 February 2010

Wow...Lernie is officially a slug. WHAT UP???

Nah...just kidding. I'm a slug when it comes to updating my blogs. Now THAT I'm completely behind in. I mean, here it is, February 25 and I haven't even posted anything now.


Ok, that would be because yours truly is busy doing a bazillion things at once. Here's my official list of things I am focusing on doing this year with my Paintings and Henna work:
* Make a YouTube vid featuring me doing henna (close-up on hands)
* Complete a new Henna Slide Show also on YouTube
* Create Henna Design book...Subject matter TBA in case someone else is thinking of these particular designs
* Photograph Henna Crafts, etc and post these on ETSY
* Work on Sketches for Oracle/Tarot deck.

That last bit is bold because it's imperative that I start work on these. I've been talking about doing this for awhile. I need to start work on this project ASAP. Why? Because think about how awesome a series of paintings would be around this. Again, it would be with my "Soulmate" painting style.

I'm typing all this out to hold myself a little more accountable in my goals. It makes it even more official in my head since I'm not just telling those close to me about this list. Now the whole net...rather those 2 or 3 readers out there...know.

It's been busy already. There've been a few henna gigs here and there. Lots happening with the family. My cousin got married in LV recently to what I see is the love of his life. Not only was it an amazing (but hectic) weekend, but I also got myself a brand new cousin, who, quite frankly, I think is pretty rad! There were a couple of pics of R and K from the wedding that I'm planning on creating some paintings from.

AND for my knitting friends...I'm FINALLY knitting up a project for JUST ME. The last few months have been all about knitting up presents for everyone else but me. So, it's my turn. I'm knitting "Alene's Wrap" (pattern) for myself. I'm about 2/3 done :-)

That's it for now. Check back at some point. I'm hoping to post pics from the above when I get the chance. It could be today, it could be next week. I'll surprise ya. ;-)

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