15 January 2016

My Life is Weird...Update on Biopsy done today

Well, this was the weirdest morning of my life.  I got there just before 9am, like they asked so I could do paperwork and get prepped...including an IV.  At exactly 10am, the nurse came back and wheeled me into the room where they were going to do my biopsy.  

An Ultrasound Tech came into the room to do another ultrasound to pinpoint the exact area for the doctor to biopsy.  She sort of looked puzzled, and asked me where they said the mass was.  I told her the left side.  She asked me who ordered me to get the biopsy.  I said my endocrynologist.  Then she asked who did the ultrasound (just to verify her paperwork).  I told her.  She said hmm, that's very strange because there's nothing there.  At all.  

She told me she was going to run out and check the original ultrasound images from the other lab, plus make some calls, and talk to the doctor.  About 15 mins later, she comes back in with the doctor who was going to do the biopsy.  She does another ultrasound scan with him watching, being sure to be very thorough.  Both of them were scratching their heads because there was nothing to see.  The doctor's guess is that perhaps the other tech saw the scar from my other surgeries, maybe some fatty tissue, or maybe my esophagus.  Either way, there was nothing significant for him to do a biopsy with.

His suggestion, which he said he would relay in the report to my endo:  CAT scan or an MRI.  He felt that would give us better information than just the ultrasound.  

Long and Short:
No nodule!  Whew!  Color me surprised, relieved and happy  and relieved all over again.

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