11 May 2007

I've finally finished it...

Whew! I finally updated my website more. I realize there's a bit more tweaking to do, but the most important thing is that I've added a whole lot more pics of my henna work. There's quite a few more additions that need to be done to my "Soulmate Paintings", but being that this is what we call "Henna Season", I really had to get on top of the henna side of things.

Speaking of which, I'm worried about my Henna Supplier (http://www.lifeart.cc). Janet lives w/ her daughter on Catalina Island, which has been evacuated because of a raging fire on the island. It's encroaching on the area where she lives. If you've ever talked to her, you'd know she's an incredibly sweet person. I'm sending out "stay safe" vibes to her and her girl today. Actually, also, to the other residents and safety personnel involved.

Paintings...well, I've got at least 7 more pieces I need to add to my "Soulmates" section. They're small, but they're nice. I've also got 2 online stores going on through Spreadshirt.com (http://lernie.spreadshirt.com) and Cafepress.com (http://www.cafepress.com/lernie). I'll be changing up the pics on some of the merchandise at a later date. For now, the images are the "Trio" of my favorite Soulmate Paintings and one is the image I used for my show postcard at Hair West.

Hope everyone's having a great Friday :-D

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