06 August 2007

The Hazards of Having Your Artwork on YOUR Website

I'm on a forum for Henna Artists called Henna Tribe. On Saturday night, after working FOUR hours straight doing henna for a Bar Mitzvah and a long TWO hour drive home (construction on the freeway at midnight...ugh) I came home to an email from one of them informing me that someone on myspace had stolen my photos. She was apparently using them as HER OWN!!! This idiot not only had FOUR of my images, but had literally just linked them to my site. Not only is this illegal because it is MY work, but she's stealing bandwith by doing this!

So there I was at 1am renaming the stolen images, re-coding html on the pages that were affected, and re-uploading.

HAH! I thought. Now all you'll see is 4 broken red X's on her myspace. (I also sent her a nasty cease and desist email warning her of legal action...no response yet). That part gave me great satisfaction. However...

I woke up Sunday morning to check my work again...turns out she also has punked one of my client images and reuploaded it into her 'pics' section as HER OWN again!!! This time, I've emailed Myspace w/ a detailed description of what's going on and also that at least 5 other professional Henna Artists have had their work 'stolen' by this person. Hopefully they do something about it soon. This just rankles me to the Nth degree.

I'm so mad I could spit!!!

I'm EVIL...EVIL I tell you!
Remember how she's just linked STRAIGHT to my site? Well, guess what? Since it's LINKED to MY site, I can upload new images w/ the same file name. Check out her page now:


Moral of this lesson:
Do not mess w/ us Henna Artists...especially someone who knows even the slightest bit of html coding. bwahahahaha!!!!

Let's see how long it takes her to figure this out. According to the page, she hasn'tlogged on since 7/28. OH I am an EVIL LITTLE MONKEY bwhahahaa

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