07 February 2008

Wanna see the kind of 2 weeks I've been having?

Last week started off great. I had the Henna Tribe meet-up here. Tuesday was fun sister time spending the day up in Burbank and then going to the "Ellen Degeneres Show". Hanging out w/ some of the people in line was fun. Great energy!

Then early the next morning, at about 2am, we got a call from my SIL. C's dad had a stroke. SIL and MIL had been here visiting and decided to cut it short so drove back home to Havasu Tuesday night. Good thing they did because when they got there, they found Dad. Long and short, he's doing TONS better now. They say he'll fully recover within the next couple of weeks. Thank goodness!

That same Wednesday, our girls got really sick. The doc ordered that they stay home til Monday. Good part is now they're all better, but because they were sick we couldn't go w/ C to be w/ his parents and sister. At least he was able, too.

I'm thinking ok...we're done w/ the bad spell of scariness. We can breathe now. Right? Wrong!

So check out what happened to me yesterday. Seriously, I feel like I got run over by a truck...

Oh wait, I did...pretty much. I was driving home from a local plaza here. While making a left turn at the light, the SEMI-TRUCK next made too narrow of a turn. What's that mean?

Well, his trailer that he was hauling encroached into my lane!! There was nowhere for me to veer to the side as the traffic waiting at the light was right there. His trailer shoves INTO the side of my jeep, shoving me over and just totally crunches it.

I barely am able to get my jeep pulled over to the side because there's something shoved up against my tire (I found out later that the wheel well was rubbing on it).

Dude gets out of his truck and goes "Que Paso?" I look at him like he's from Mars and go.."WHAT HAPPENED???YOU HIT MY CAR!!!!!" He goes, "no no..you hit me you behind MY truck" Then he tells me, "I big truck. I make wide turn...you look at sign" Errr...NO buddy. That sign is for wide RIGHT turns, not LEFT! Get a clue!!!

That's where I stopped talking to him and called 911...I told them it wasn't an emergency and I wasn't hurt, but that I needed a unit out there to take my report. I had a funny feeling I needed an officer because of the way the driver was responding to me.

Local motorcop gets there, says I don't need a report since there were no injuries, but he gave us each these cards to swap information. That was really handy, plus the cop was really cool. He checked mine, made sure it was filled out correctly. Found out my side of the story.

In the meantime, the driver of the truck is taking this insane amount of pics over and over again w/ a disposable camera. Even the officer commented "wow, this guy really likes taking pictures".

Officer then says he's going to see if the other guy finished filling out his info card. Thank goodness he went over there and handled that part for me BECAUSE when he finally came back after about 10 mins or so, he handed me a card that had been crossed out and half-filled out by himself (the officer). You can see where the driver gave wrong numbers and where the officer corrected it. Also, he went up to the back of the trailer and got the license number on that, too, plus the make and model.

I'm getting things going w/ insurance. I've even emailed the photos that I took personally w/ some narrative on it. We just need to find out if the other insurance company sees their driver is at fault now. They should. I mean HELLO...look at the pics in the next post!

Also, I'm thinking of sending a "thank you letter" to the PD. I want them to know how well that officer handled everything and let him know that someone appreciates his people-skills.

Here are the pics...
The STUPID A**hole truck that hit me...

The damage done to my jeep...

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