29 January 2008

Henna Tribe Meet-Up (HGofSC)

On Sunday, I had a whole group of So Cal Henna Artists here at my house. Everyone braved possible bad weather (it was supposed to rain like crazy)and I'm so glad they did. We all had a blast! Everyone brought yummy food and I made hot Chai Lattes for everyone to warm up with. Add to that a fire in the fireplace and a veritable 'henna explosion' of artists...


We did henna on each other, talked shop, shared techniques and recipes. It was just loads of fun. Natasha did this rad design on my left hand, which rarely gets anything done on it unless I draw really slow w/ my right hand. Did I mention I'm a lefty? :-D


This is the lot of us:


Missi said...

This Janer from Ya Ya I love the idea of hosting a henna party! It shoulds like a blast. I may just have to explore this particular art form!!

Anonymous said...
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