31 December 2008

Ahhh, Yet Another Milestone for my 40th year...and New Year's Eve

So I finally did it yesterday. It may be TMI, but I took "the girls out and got 'em smashed". That's what one of my Ya-Ya friends calls it. Yes, its the inevitable thing that every woman has to do starting their 40th year. BahBumBUUUMMMM...Mammogram.

I must admit, it wasn't too bad. Uncomfortable, as others have told me, but not unbearable. Anyone who has to get this done should be lucky enough to get theirs done w/ a great tech like I did. Gentle, talked you through it and then you're all done. She even showed me what the images looked like. Its pretty wild how far technology has come along that you can actually see every detail in the digital images. Freaky, but very cool. :-) That's done, things look good. So, I'm all good :-D

It's New Year's Eve...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope this year brings health, happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones. I really do hope the new year is much, MUCH better than 2008. I've had too many people who I care about around me who've had serious health issues or even deaths in the family(ies). I'm wishing everyone the best...throwing out positive energy and vibes to all of you!!! :-D

<3 Lernie

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