02 December 2008

Another "What was I thinking???" moment

Knitting. Yes, I do dig the art form these days. I especially love making things for people I care about. BUT what is one to do when she wants to make A LOT of presents for people but has NO TIME!!!

Last year, I picked out patterns that were a snap to finish. We're talking 1-2 day projects. I tried to do the same this year, but for one thing, this Laminaria shawl I'm currently working on is taking freaking FOREVER! I like the pattern a lot, but will I be able to handle knitting another one? My mom really, REALLY wants one for Christmas. This means whatever other projects I'm making for other people (and there are at least 4 others on my list) have to be done around said shawl. This includes my Dad's scarf.

It's 12/2 so I've got what, 22 days to finish this stuff? Can I make it? oh dear...

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