15 October 2010

Dis-like...or "Crap...Low Iodine Diet, again???"

I'll just jump right into the thyroid-fun. Don't worry, though. I'll end this with some fun art news.

So yes, it's that time. Time for another dang Thyrogen scan. On the upside, I WILL be getting thyrogen injections, which means that I DO NOT have to be off my meds at all. The downside, is that I have to follow a strict low iodine diet for 2 weeks.

In my Pollyanna mode, I will just tell myself to make it easier and become a rabbit. As in, mostly fresh fruits and veg, maybe some meat (I'm allowed 6 oz per day). All the other stuff I'm allowed to eat is just such a PITA because, as stated before, anything store-bought and ready-made has to be closely scrutinized for iodine content. The lazy in me just says f-it. Plus, this chunky frame could stand to lose some weight.

Stream of thought: Maybe I'll write a daily journal online of what I ate. This might be interesting. I wonder if any other thyroid patients would want to see that. Who knows.

Overall health. Meh. I've been feeling really off lately. It started around the time my doc lowered my dosage to 112mcg...generic this time. Levothyroxine, which is generic for levoxyl. Ew. Seriously. Several things began to happen to me: fatigue (but oddly enough, still restless), memory loss, one of my eyes is acting all weird (I can't keep my left eye open sometimes) to name a few.

My last thyroid panel showed that my levels are STILL high. Weird. So this time around, my new primary care doc put me on SYNTHROID 100mcg. I do feel a bit better, but my memory is still off. It's really bugging me because, for example, how do you forget that your 'uncle-in-law' passed away last year. WTF??? Honestly, there are days when I really feel like I'm losing my mind. My eye is better, but still does that weird half-close thing when I'm stressed or upset. However, my ultrasound showed that there are enlarged lymph nodes. hmmm

Good times.

Ok...art news. I've been unusually busy with henna. Actually, life all around has been insanely busy. Between kids' senior year, and all that goes with it, the family in general, and my business, I'm always on the go seems like.

Coming soon: Henna at Raqtoberfest in Pomona on Saturday, 10/16 and the Arts and Crafts Fair at Bernardo winery in San Diego on Sunday, 10/17.

Art: I've finished a few paintings for my oracle deck. YEAH!!!

Shows: Working on getting a group show going for HGofSC. So far, it's been about scouting out possible venues w/ my friend, Paula.

I'll be updating more event info as I go along on my Facebook Page:

That's it for now.
Peace out ;-)

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