18 October 2010

Low Iodine Diet: Day 1

It's been a busy weekend. Raqtoberfest 2010 on Saturday...met an amazing group of men and women who shared their drumming and dancing talents with all of us. Had a great time doing henna for all...also shopping ;-) Henna at Bernardo Winery on Sunday...this got pretty much spoiled by rain. HOWEVER, best part was hanging out w/ Kimberly and Monica. I've known Monica for years from one of my forums.

This was the first time I got to meet her since she's currently in CA for a job. She's pretty cool and totally tres Ya-Ya :-) We had coffee and yummies for breakfast, and later on in the day, when we realized how dead it was, went and did a bit of wine tasting.

So, after that weekend (the above description being a VERY brief summary), I didn't really have a huge amount of time to prep for my low iodine diet. In fact, I just got back about an hour ago from shopping for food stuffs. Can I just say? I LOVE Sprouts! I found quite a few things I CAN eat, but a lot of things I was hoping I could eat have unspecified salt content in them. This means I wasn't sure if it was iodized salt or not. MUCH of the salted products use sea salt, as well, so that got nixed immediately. (People, you can just forget about even tortillas, wraps, pita, bagels...best learn how to bake your own bread.)

Not one to be discouraged, I headed for the fresh produce. You really can't lose with that. I loaded up on all kinds of veg and fruits. Some will be sliced up to munch on throughout the day. Some will be put into a nice Tabouleh salad. I like this on top of fresh lettuce. Fills you up and tastes great. Best part, it's low fat and loaded with all kinds of good stuff.

More cool snackies: (all unsalted...love that Sprouts has this option) cashews, pumpkin seeds, raw trail mix.

Oh, and tahini. I bought some tahini to make hummus with. Yes, the garbanzo beans are canned. However, I've been told it's ok to have a few canned things, just not A LOT. I plan on rinsing the beans before I make the hummus.

Naked Juice...Green Machine

Handful of Raw Trail Mix

Tabouleh Salad on Romaine Lettuce

6 Sliced Strawberries

(4:10pm...I'm STILL hungry! ugh)

Back home from a ceramics session. Good times. I just threw a keeper of a bowl today. Granted,there's going to be a little fixing to do come next Monday, but it's a bowl!

Stew made by Chris :-)
Munched on a handful of pumpkin seeds, too.

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