03 June 2015

Adult Coloring Books? "NEW" trend...NOT!

Ok, I'm sorry, but I have to say something.  Seriously, for years, I've talked about using crayons and coloring books as a form of de-stressing.  The Crayola crayons scent (it has to be Crayola...it's a very distinctive smell, plus the pigment is great...biggest box is the coolest..haha) is like aromatherapy reminding one of childhood innocence and fun.  I even have coloring books...kid ones...that are sitting on a shelf for such times as needed.  I've had this since even before we had kids.  NOW...there's this 'supposedly new' trend that's all the rage...ADULT coloring books.  Ok, yeah, I guess that's cool.  Works, I suppose for people who don't wanna go back to a Curious George, My Little Pony, Disney coloring book.  

BUT...my rant?  Dude, people are preying on those that want to jump on that latest fad.  It's right up there with that damned ZenTangle thing.  (Sorry, those are just a fancy word for DOODLES... something all of us do as another type of relaxation as we're talking or listening to a lecture, etc.)

If anyone has seen these adult coloring books, they are super, SUPER detailed.  Supposedly, you can use oil pastels, watercolor paints, pencils, markers, crayons.  The truth is, and I actually bought a couple of the ones that were Mehndi and Mandala themed, for obvious reasons...I can use them for design inspiration...anyways, the truth is, that the detail work is so fine, that honestly, you're lucky if you can use pencils and fine markers.  How is that relaxing?  Kid coloring books are more so as you have a looser style of coloring.  None of that tiny detail to color.

What brought on said rant?  There was an infomercial that just aired on TV.  It's for some stupid set of books called "Colorama".  Really?  REALLY???  $12.99 plus shipping and handling (we all know that means another $20) and you get to 'be creative' and use any kind of medium you want to 'create your own work of art'.  There's a few of them, encouraging people to buy many, and guess what? You get to relax before bedtime and color away the stresses of the day.  Gah!  Go to Target, Barnes and Noble...any of those stores that carry coloring books.  Take yourself to the kids' section and find a fun coloring book...sells less than $5 in some  instances, and is quite relaxing as it takes you back to good childhood memories.  What's even more relaxing?  Not paying a high price point for something that has been readily available for the longest time.  It's nothing new folks.  Just saying.

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