03 March 2007

It's My Birthday Weekend...YEAH!!!

You're never too old to enjoy your birthday. Mine's tomorrow. I can't wait. We're going to these gardens that I've heard so much about...Descano Gardens. I'm bringing my camera because you never know what you'll see on an adventure to a new place. Maybe something will inspire me there.

Also, I recently found out that I'm going to have a solo show in Newport Beach. It's actually at a hair salon out there. It occurs to me that my solo shows have always been in somewhat unique venues. I've been in restaurants, coffeehouses, hair salons...I've even had work show in a rehab center of all places (no, I wasn't in rehab, but the curator of the show was using the wall space for shows. hehe)

This is going to be fun, though. The atmosphere at "Hair West" is very artsy. It's colorful, and while it's a small venue, I think it'll be a nice place to feature my art for a month. Exposure is what it's all about, folks. I paint because I love to paint, but sometimes it's nice to share it with the world. If someone decides to buy, that's a nice perk ;-) I'll post the invite when I have a chance.

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