29 January 2008

My sister, me and Ellen :-D

Yeah! Today is the day we get to go the Ellen Degeneres show again. This time we have guaranteed tix to get into the audience. I'm stoked not just because of that, but also cuz I get to spend the day w/ my sister! Hurrah!!!

We're going to try to get up there for the initial check-in by 10:30am(when you get your number in line to get your seat). Then we're going to hang out for a few hours before we have to be back to get in line for the show. I'm thinking we'll hang out at a coffee/tea room we saw the last time we were up there or maybe wander around on Magnolia Street. I heard there were some cool old shops there (uh oh..hehehe)

After the show, we're meeting up w/ our cousin for dinner before heading back home. A full day, but I'm really excited! Sister time and Ellen. How can you go wrong? :-D

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