23 January 2008

Ummm...Happy New Year! (yeah, I know I'm kinda late...)

But errr...at least it's still JANUARY...right? hehehe :-D

The holidays were just a whirl of activity. I'm not even sure how it already got to be the middle, almost the end, of January. I was knitting up a crazy storm. Yep, that's my latest obsession. Knitting. Who knew? Just about everyone got something from me for Christmas, handmade with love. Those of you who didn't...I swear, you will eventually. I have to let my hands rest, though. I think I was getting close to have carpal-tunnel, seriously.

On the art front, I'm driving to Long Beach tomorrow to drop off artwork for an art show scheduled for February. I'll post more details when I get them. I also have a commission piece to do. There are a few originals that I can't part with because they're special to me so I'm recreating "Red" for this order.

Among other things, one of my resolutions this year is to get moving on my paintings again. It's time I get out of the fugue I've been in. There are 10 canvases primed and ready to go crazy on. I just need to walk into my studio, blast some tunes and go to town on them. I've got the ideas...I just need to get motivated.

Hey, January 29, my sister and I get to be in the audience for "The Ellen Degeneres" show. We're stoked about that. I got "standby tix" for her birthday, but being "standby" we didn't get into the audience. We were in the "Riff Raff Room". It was fun in there, but I think we'll have even a better time in the actual audience. They gave us "guaranteed tix" for the Jan 29 show because we were in the "Riff Raff Room". Either way, we get sister-fun-day again :-D

Other resolution? Ummm...probably to be a better 'blogger'. I kind of hate that word...hmmm...writer. Whatever. I'll just make a point of writing more often.

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