21 June 2008

Tweakers and Cops in the wee Sma's

The Bear and I didn't get to sleep til almost 2am this morning. Yes, it was THAT HOT last night. We finally got to sleep only to have a rude awakening at 0500. Someone was pounding on the door so Chris staggered over to answer it. There on the doorstep was Mr. Policeman with... get this OUR HOME PHONE (cordless) in his hand...yes, you read that right OUR HOME PHONE IN HIS HAND!

Turns out that someone hopped our fence, took the cordless phone out of my studio in the backyard and called 911 to report that he and his girlfriend had been robbed at gunpoint. Apparently she'd also been kidnapped. When the cops found this guy, he was roaming our neighborhood w/ our cordless phone in his hand. It took the cops a few mins to figure out which house the dude had gotten it from, but there Mr. Policeman was, at our front door.

The Bear and the cop went out to my studio to make sure nothing was missing. What's super weird is that nothing had been disturbed AT ALL. Where the phone is cradled, I have one of my Star Wars models balanced precariously on a stand. I was a bit amazed that nothing had been knocked over. What a nice, careful tweaker visitor!

Why am I calling the guy a tweaker? Well, the officer told us the 'victim's' behavior was somewhat suspicious and sketchy. Also, we found out that they'd located the 'missing girlfriend' who told the officers that she was alright and that no, nothing like that had happened. Hence, the tweaker suspicion. Nice, huh?

What bugs me is that whereas before, I thought at least my studio was safe. I don't always lock it. Now I'm all about using the locks. *sigh* Quite frankly, I shouldn't have to worry about that. I guess I have to now. Also, how incredibly creepy is it to know that there was someone ROAMING AROUND OUR BACKYARD LOOKING FOR A FREAKIN' PHONE!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

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