28 June 2008

We Have a Boat!

Chris has been wanting a boat for sometime now. In the last couple of months...well, let's just say from almost the beginning of the year, he has been doing all sorts of research and looking at used boats. At one point he was thinking of going in on a boat w/ our neighbor. Finally, he came home one day w/ all this info from Schock boats in Newport Beach. One thing lead to another and we now own this boat:

Shocking, huh? Who would've thought? It's a 17' Boston Whaler...seats 7 adults. Nice little boat. The loan papers were signed on Thurs and we took it home the same day. Great people at Schock, btw. Very knowledgible and totally non-pressure.

Chris wanted to take the boat out the very next day to break the engine in and just to have a family outing. Here's us getting ready to launch at Newport Dunes. There just happened to be practically no one there so no stress involved :-)

Here's Capt. Chris

Me cicking back and telling myself I'm not gonna be sick. hehehe

As we were traveling down the bay towards open water, we saw a Harbor Patrol boat in the distance. I jokingly asked if Chris knew anyone working the area. Next thing we know, the Patrol Boat lights up and pulls up next to us for inspection. Personally, I kind of liked that that happened our first day out. Made me feel better knowing that we had everything we needed for saftey's sake. The CLCGB's (Cute Little Coast Guard Boys) checked our saftety equipment out while we talked to the deputies on board...who it turns out, we'd both worked w/ at one point or another. :-)

We checked out fine so off they went and off we went. (my my, those little CLCGB's were cute. shhhh...don't tell Chris the 3 of us girls we looking. hahaha)

So we traveled a little further and finally got through past the jetty. The water was calm, air was nice and cool...felt great on that little boat. Finally we were out past the jetty when we saw this brown stuff on a buoy. Wondering what it was, we got up a little closer to discover that it was moving and not just moving, but SEALS!!!!! They were all sitting out there just sunning themselves and having a good ol' time. Totally cute!

We went out a little farther out along the coast. Chris was going at different speeds breaking in that engine. At one point we stopped to fish for a little here:

Overall, a great day. I just wish I'd done a better job at using my sunscreen. It was overcast, but I still got toasted on my upper thighs where the sun hit while I was sitting there enjoying the ride. OUCH! Aloe Vera is my friend :-p

Can't wait to get out on the boat again, that's for sure :-D

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