08 June 2008

YARN!!!! WHEEE!!!!

Not that I've gone to a lot of yarn 'Bag Sales'. I really haven't. This was my very first one. The LYS down here...Yarn Lady, had their semi-annual Bag Sale. I'd heard a lot about this sale so I decided to go.

There were free bags of bulk yarn hidden in these bins and you sort of had to 'dumpster dive' to find yarn you might like and these free bags. You got 1 free bag w/ your purchase for the day.

My free bag? well, first I should say the first freebie I found was kind of weird w/ odd yarn. They were sort of an orangy/browny/peachy selection. Really not up my alley, and apparently no one else's. I held that bag up and said, "hey! I found a free one! who wants!!" everyone looked up, made a face and went back to foraging for yarn. hahaha

Needless to say, I tossed it back. The 2nd freebie I found, I totally kept. It was a HUGE bag of Colinette Point Five. Now, I've never heard of the stuff, bear in mind, I'm knew to buying more expensive yarns. I'm usually a craft store shopper where the bargains are. However, now that I've discovered how yummy some of these yarns can be, I've slowly started picking up skeins here and there for special projects.

Anyways, when I found this bag, I was so excited! The colors are totally ME and there was the equivalent of 5 skeins of the stuff in there!!!! SWEET!!!

I won't post all the other stuff I found. Although they were pretty cool finds. I was just really excited to find the free yarn and then it be so awesome! I just have to think up something really nice to make w/ it. Maybe a knitting bag? Any ideas?

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