16 October 2008


This one's for anyone following me and my thyroid adventures. Whee.

My doc ordered a Thyrogen scan. The cool thing about this is that I'm not off my meds and on a low iodine for weeks. With this thing, you are only on a low iodine diet for about 5-6 days. We all know how much I truly abhor that seeing as how pretty much EVERYTHING out there has iodine of some sort in it. Reading labels and then second guessing myself is just not my cup of tea. However, the great thing is that I got to stay on my meds. Me, my family and anyone who comes into contact w/ the terrifying Sta-puff Marshmallow girl are thankful for that. I am a scary Dr. Jekyl/Mrs. Hyde when off meds. eek!

So going onto the THyrogen process. I'll be a little boring here, but I figured it might be important to anyone who will have to do this thing, too. I know I felt completely in the dark. It's a pretty new thing from what I understand. So new, in fact, that the nurses that gave me the Thyrogen injections weren't sure exactly why it was that I could stay on my meds before the actual scan. Try reading the literature on the actual site. yeah, not so easy to follow. Even the nurses said they were scratching their heads. Don't you wish that these drug companies would just write out their literature in plain English? I mean, seriously, it's the consumer that's going to want to read that stuff. Most of us haven't gone to med school either :P

So here's what I had to do:
Sunday...Start Low Iodine Diet
Monday...Thyrogen Shot at St. Joseph's Cancer Treatment Center
Tues...Another shot at St. Joe's CTC
Wed...Radioactive Iodine Isotope (RAI-131) Intake at St. Jo's Hospital Radiology (did I mention they make you take a pregnancy test whether or not you 'can get pregnant')
Thurs...hang out and don't hug or kiss anyone (this sucks because we are a very huggy family *sigh*) Oh, did I mention I have to be on a clear liquid diet from Lunch time til...
Friday...RAI Body Scan at St. Jo's Pavillions Then supposedly I get to eat NORMAL...WHOOHOO!!!

At this point, I'd like to make a remark about St. Jo's patient care. There may be a few wrinkles in some of the paperwork issues. (That's not completely their fault. That has a lot to do w/ how my Doc has a whole new group of front/back office workers who apparently can't get the hang of things.) St. Jo's patient care is AMAZING!!! Sure, I can be a little biassed. I've been around that hospital since I was a kid being that my mom is a doc w/ that hospital. Bear in mind, it's not like anyone knows who I am and that's why they're nice because none of these nurses or doctors knew me. They are just really cool people. :)

Anyways, just so those of you who may have this ordered know. The Thyrogen shot was ok, although I have to say, I felt like a kid again. I haven't had a shot in my rear since I was little, but that's where they have to give it to you. It's a prick, uncomfortable warmth of injection and then it's over. After that, they sit you down and let you rest for about 1/2 hr observation each time. This is in case you have a reaction to the shot.

This is where I make a remark again about the Cancer Treatment Center. Amazing. They make you feel completely at ease like you're talking to old friends. I think this is great when you're nervy about getting shots like me. Seriously. Here's the kicker. It's like you're in a spa of sorts. Don't laugh. I'm serious. They just opened this facility and it's gorgeous...reminds me of a resort hotel when you walk in. Anyways, I get in the room, which feels slightly like one of those quiet rooms at the spa. They sit you down in this comfy RECLINING chair with a bunch of pillows. They take your blood pressure, ask you questions, then have you stand up to get your shot. You get done with that and they have you get all comfy back in your chair. A volunteer came in and asked me if I wanted anything to drink like water, juice or a soda! Then the nurse asked if I needed anything else or if I wanted to watch the TV in the room. I'm not kidding, when I left there, I felt like I should have tipped the nurses. hehehe

St. Jo's Hospital was nice, too. Things have changed a lot since I was a kid...nicer Lobby...better flow for patient admission. Yes, I did have to get admitted even for this outpatient stuff.

Radiology was a LONG wait. There was this girl ahead of me who couldn't have been more than 15 or 16. I thought she was in the patient waiting room for something else, but nope, I found out she was in for thyroid stuff, too. Poor kid. So young and dealing w/ this junk. I was young, too, when they found out I had Graves initially (21/22), but wow! Anyways, I was there for a couple of hours. Come to find out that the poor kid had a hard time swallowing the capsule. It took them 1/2 hr to finally get her to swallow it. That bites :(

So anyhoo...I'll be at St. Jo's Pavillions tomorrow. Should be uneventful. I hope. ;)

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