13 November 2008

The Art of Food and Wine...

I finally got a chance to sit down and finish writing about this past weekend. This was the first time I'd ever done an event like this and it was just an amazing experience. Kempersports coordinated the event and I must say, they did a great job! Chris and I were worried about logistics and how to load in...was it going to be a total melee. Nope. Not one hitch. In fact, there were people running around HELPING everyone unload w/ those electric carts.

Check out the signs they made for me. I knew that they were going to make signs, but I wasn't expecting this quality. I love that they even put me on the artist schedule along w/ my booth location.

Chris and I standing in front of my booth space. Looks pretty good, right?

Me doing henna on one of the guests:

This is one of my buddies, Rich Flynn. When Jason invited me to be a part of this festival and explained to me what it was about, I booked right away. Then I called him back and told him about Rich. Since he's "Painter of the Moment", I thought he'd be great at the Art of Food and Wine. Jason agreed and booked him.

I think this was great exposure for me and I really enjoyed doing henna on everyone. The networking between different vendors was great, too. I should add that this is the first real show that Chris has been with me at from start to finish. I have to say, I think my guy has a bit of a talent for networking, too ;-) hehehe Best part of all, I was able to combine both of my businesses that I love...my painting AND my henna. Yeah!!!

I hope they invite me back next year...(HINT HINT, Jason and Amy at Kempersports... ;-D )

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