14 November 2008

Sheesh...of all things how could I forget?

I was just reading through my last blog about the Thyrogen body scan. It occurred to me that I forgot to mention what the outcome was. Ugh! Chalk it up to my swiss cheese memory.

The results were outstanding! Turns out that 1 of the 3 remaining cells has disappeared. I can't remember the actual terminology, but at any rate, that's great news. Also, Dr. M changed my meds to 125mcg Levoxyl vs. the alternating 112 and 125 every other day. That was a huge pain.

ALSO, looks like we won't have to irradiate those cells. That's even more awesome news for me because that means I won't have to be off meds and on that stupid low iodine diet for three weeks again. WOOHOO!!!! :-D

So that's the scoop.

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