11 November 2008

Yes...yes, I know I'm behind w/ my blogs

So let's start with a few shares. Be forwarned that since I've been remiss in updating blogs, I've got A LOT to share. I really don't know who reads these things, but whoever does, I hope they amuse you ;-)

Halloween was a blast. The kids had their friends over for what was supposed to be a 'haunted tea party' a la "Sweeney Todd".

The idea was to have the look of Mrs. Lovett's pie shop and the kids were supposed to spook trick or treaters. Well, in usual teenage weirdness, they were more like this:
Teens: So yeah...here's some candy
Teens: yeah so like here's some candy. oh look how cute you are! (proceeds to give huge handfuls vs the 1 or 2 pieces to make the candy last through the night)

Needless to say we were out of candy in less than 1.5 hrs. There were many lil guys who didn't get any. (insert me rolling my eyes)

We had a little accident while Chris was lighting the pumpkins:

Our Traditional Ghosts in the Graveyard...the kids have told me that it's just NOT Halloween w/ this treat, Rice Krispies treats and a huge batch of my homemade spaghetti ;-)

We each had our carved pumpkins, but I had to share mine. It was supposed to be a scary cat face, but doesn't the negative space kind of look like 2 people dancing in flames? Yeah, seriously I didn't mean to do that...hahaha

Last but not least...me as my alter-ego, Talia the Sorceress. Isn't it freaky how my crystal ball is glowing like that? It was an accidental trick of the light....or WAS IT? mwahahahaha!

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